Two Working Fires in last 24 hours
By Firefighter Jason Morris
December 10, 2021

OVFC firefighters have been busy over the last 24 hours with two separate fires in Orange County.

Yesterday afternoon, after returning in service from a working fire in Lake of the Woods, Tanker 23 answered a call for a detached garage on fire threatening a home. Crews from Mine Run Volunteer Fire Company and County of Orange Fire & EMS arrived first and established a defensive firefight which ultimately saved the residence.

Earlier this morning, Engine and Tanker 23 answered a call for smoke from a residence. Crews arrived and stretched a line inside a home to find a mattress fire with limited extension. Crews extinguished the fire and completed a primary search where they found 5 cats that had perished from smoke inhalation.

There were no civilians injured on either fire. Both fires remain under investigation by County Fire investigation.