2020 Year End Report
By Chief Thomas W. Jacobs
March 25, 2021

Earlier this month, I presented our year end report to Town Council. Each year we release this report to provide the Council and most importantly, the community, what our department did over the course of the year. We continue to face numerous challenges with COVID-19 and are working to remain vigilant in every way possible. Your support for our fire department allows us to not only operate daily but look for ways to improve our operations through advancing our equipment we purchase to aid our service back to the community. You may donate to our department online (Click Public Info and click Donate) or by mail at PO Box 367, Orange VA 22960.

Our 100th year of service to this community as a volunteer fire company will not go unnoticed but the celebration may be delayed. Out of an abundance of caution we are continuing to work through planning for a safe celebration that everyone in the community will be welcome to attend and enjoy together. We will be providing more information over the course of the next few months on how we plan to celebrate such a monumental achievement!

Lastly, our department thrives with adding new faces to our Active and Associate membership ranks. We encourage anyone to look deep within themselves and strongly consider how they can help their local fire company - help the community. Our department welcomes new applicants and we are certainly more than willing to provide answers to any question you may have about the fire service or our department in general. We hope you apply.

I wish each of you reading this and your families a safe year ahead and thanks for supporting OVFC.

- Whit

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