Members from OVFC attend Extrication Event
By 2nd Assistant Chief Jason Morris
October 5, 2020

This past Saturday afternoon, the National Auto Body Council held an extrication event at Pro Auto Collision Center in OrDange. Members from OVFC and several other departments attended the event and got hands on extrication time and experience with newer model vehicles. The event also covered how to deal with new metals such as Boron Steel, High Strength Steel (HSS) and Aluminium/Alloy and also some safety and extrication procedures while working around Hybrid vehicles.

OVFC would like to thank the National Auto Body Council for holding this event and giving our members as well as other members from surrounding departments and counties, the opportunity to learn and get hands on experience. For more information on the National Auto Body Council, please visit their website at and their facebook page at

OVFC would also like to thank Pro Collision Center for hosting this event for the First Responders and the community.

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NABC Facebook
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