Department of Forestry Burn Law goes into effect today
By Firefighter Jason Morris
February 15, 2017


This is a reminder that Virginia’s 4:00 PM Burn Law goes into effect, today, February 15th. The 4 PM ban comes into effect each spring during period of extreme fire danger. The 4 PM ban remains in effect until April 30th. Burning debris continues to be the leading cause of forest fires in the Commonwealth. The information below pertains specifically to the burn law:

• No burning until after 4:00 PM. This goes into effect February 15th and ends April 30th.
• Burning shall not be within 300 feet of woodland, brush-land or fields containing dry grass or any other flammable material.
• Do not leave fires unattended.
• This law applies to campfires, brush piles, stumps, fires in a ditch line or any open flame source that could produce fire spread.
• No new fires can be set or additional fuel (brush, leaves etc) added after midnight.
This law comes with a penalty up to $500, plus payment for any court fees and fire suppression costs associated with their extinguishment efforts.

Here are some Safety Tips
1. Contact the 911 center any time you host a control burn. The non-emergency phone number is 672-1234
2. Clear the area around where you are burning of any debris that could ignite.
3. Have water or a water source available and hand tools (shovels & rakes) available in case it tries to spread
4. Keep a phone close in case you need to dial 911 or call for help
5. Burn on days when the wind is calm. Keep a close eye on the weather before you burn in the evenings.
6. Burn only between 4:00 PM and midnight
7. Stay with the fire until it is completely out.

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