February Volunteer Spotlight
By Associate Member Jessica Gredler
February 5, 2019

This month we sat down with Second Assistant Chief Jason Morris to ask him a few questions about being a volunteer firefighter with OVFC.

Jason joined OVFC in 2001 as an associate member. Upon turning 16 he became an active member. He has served as an active member for 16 years. Jason lives in Orange with his wife Kayla. They have two girls, Ainsley (7), Sadie (3), and just welcomed their first son Gavin this past November. Jason works at North Anna Power Station as a Cyber Security Specialist. He received his Associates degree in 2009 in Information-Technology-Computer Applications. Currently he is pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and Cyber Security. Jason enjoys hunting, playing golf, and watching pretty much any major sport.

1. Why did you join OVFC?

“I joined OVFC because it was something I was always around growing up. My dad and grandfather were a part of this organization and it was just something that I wanted to be a part of and it was a great way to help serve the community. OVFC is a great volunteer organization and has a great group of members who want to do what is best for the community.”

2. What is one piece of advice you have for new members?

“Training is so important to be successful. Training has to be taken serious and must continue to keep up with the changing environments that we deal with now. The saying goes “you play how you practice.” I think that goes with the fire service as well. You work as you train. You can never have enough training. It is important to keep up and continue training, as well as practicing the skills that are needed for the various situations that we face.”

3. You work full time, have a family, and volunteer. How do you manage all of your commitments?

“It can be hectic at times, especially right now with finishing up my Bachelor’s degree. I wouldn’t be able to do it without the support from my family at home. They are very understanding and know that I am going to help someone who needs help when the pager goes off.”

4. If you had the choice to ride the Engine or Truck, what’s your pick?

“I prefer to ride the Engine. I like being on that initial line going in for fire attack and putting that fire out as quickly as possible.”

5. While a lot of the time the primary focus is on the firefighters who are running the calls, their families and the sacrifices they make are often over looked. We took a minute to sit down with Jason's wife, Kayla and asked her; What is it like to have a husband as a volunteer fire fighter?

“During the beginning of our relationship and well into our marriage, I had a hard time adjusting to Jason leaving at a moment’s notice, even more so when we had plans. But as time has gone on and as I’ve seen the pride he takes in the department, it has become much easier. The work the volunteer firemen do is important and I think a key part of that is having people around you that support you in it. Our kids are even a huge support for him. They will hear the pager go off and before anyone can say anything, they pipe up and say “Bye Daddy, Love you!” While sometimes calls may come at an inconvenient time, I have to tell myself that what he is going to do is important and necessary for our community.”