Box 2300 News Updates- March 2018
By Associate Member Jessica Harlow
April 17, 2018

In the month of March, 2018, the OVFC responded to 97 calls, bringing our year-to-date calls to 264. March, 2018 was a record breaking month for the Fire Company - 97 calls is the most calls responded to in a single month in the history of the Department!

You have probably heard the importance of working smoke detectors, escape plans, and designated meeting places for your family regarding fire safety. But, another important safety measure is the need to “close before you doze.” A closed door can reduce fire growth, limit damage to your home, keep temperatures down, and even save your life if you become trapped. Did you know that 50% of house fires happen between 11 pm and 7 am? Closing your door can help keep you safe in the event of a fire. A closed door can make a 900-degree difference, bringing a room temperature from 1,000 degrees to 100 degrees. In addition to temperatures, a closed door can keep carbon monoxide levels at 1,000 ppm, versus 10,000 ppm with an open door. A fire must have oxygen to burn—closing your door keeps more oxygen in the room and away from the fire, keeping you safer if you are trapped in a room. If you can escape a house fire, be sure to close the door behind you, this can help prevent a fire from entering that room and slow down its growth due to lack of oxygen.

OVFC would like to remind you our 2018 Annual Firemen’s Fair and Parade is coming up, June 6-9, with the parade on June 7. Our members will have raffle tickets on sale soon, with new prizes available this year. If you are interested in purchasing raffle tickets, please see one of our members.

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