Box 2300 News Updates- February 2018
By Associate Member Jessica Harlow
February 8, 2018

In the month of January 2018, the OVFC responded to 88 calls. Of those calls, 18 were auto accidents, 15 were EMS assists, 14 were fire alarms, 12 were structure fires, and 10 were outside/brush fires.

The 4pm Burn Law goes into effect Thursday, February 15 through April 30. In accordance with the Burn Law, there should be no burning until after 4pm and burning shall not be within 300 feet of wood and brush lands, or fields containing dry grass/other flammable materials. You should not leave fires unattended, set new fires or add additional fuel after midnight. The Burn Law comes with a penalty up to $500, plus payment of court fees and fire extinguishment costs.

OVFC would like to provide you with a few safety tips regarding the Burn Law. First, always contact the 911 Center at 540-672-1234 anytime you host a controlled burn. Secondly, clear the area of any debris that could ignite, have a water source and hand tools nearby, along with a phone nearby to dial 911 if you need assistance. In addition, burn only on days when the wind is calm, and keep an eye on the weather before burning at night. Lastly, stay with the fire until it is completely out.

With recent drought conditions, OVFC has seen an increased volume of outside fires. Please monitor the weather conditions and dryness of the area prior to burning, even after 4pm.

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