August '17 Orange Review Submission
By Firefighter Jason Morris
August 22, 2017

In the month of July 2017, the OVFC responded to 69 calls. Of those calls, 22 were EMS/Lift Assists, 15 were alarm activations, 10 were auto accidents, 7 were lines down, 2 were vehicle fires, and 1 was a structure fire. Volunteers also attended the Touch-a-Truck event and provided stand by during the fireworks at Playin’ in the Park. In mid-July volunteers attended the 4-H Therapeutic Adventure Camp of Orange to provide fire safety information to their campers and volunteers.

The National Fire Protection Association and OVFC recommends installing smoke alarms in every bedroom, outside of every sleeping area, and on every level of the home, including the basement. Large homes may require additional smoke alarms. It is recommended to use interconnected smoke alarms, so when one alarm sounds, they will all sound. Smoke alarms should be tested once a month and replaced when they are 10 years old. There are two kinds of alarms available, Ionization smoke alarms, which are quicker to warn about flaming fires, and Photoelectric alarms, which are quicker to warn about smoldering fires. It is best to purchase a combination detector which can be found at most any retail store that sells smoke detectors. Smoke alarms should be installed on the ceiling or high on a wall. They should also be installed at least 10 feet away from the kitchen stove to reduce false alarms. For individuals with hearing deficits, strobe light and bed shaker fire alarms also exist.

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